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Mission Statement
Wingate Elementary School is a community of learners committed to creating a safe, nurturing and challenging environment in which each student experiences growth and success on his/her journey as a life long learner.

Student Discipline and School Rules
School rules and expectations are intended to inspire all school community members toward kindness, respect, responsibility, peacefulness and collaboration. The best school rules not only guide school behavior, but also stimulate broad thinking about how to learn and live peacefully in the larger community as well. "Discipline" originates from the Latin word disciplina which means instruction and derives from the root discere which means "to learn". Our goal is to teach students how to function as a contributing citizen in the larger community.
Our goal is to ensure that children:
* Feel physically and emotionally safe in school so they can learn their best.
* Learn the skills for working and learning cooperatively with others.
The values that drive our school wide behavior expectations are:
Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Persistent, Be a Problem Solver.
The following procedure will be followed for students who need behavior support:
Wingate Elementary Office Referral Procedure

Student Achievement Profile
Here you will find valuable information about individual schools across Colorado. Among many other items, you can learn about a school's academic performance, CSAP results, safety and discipline incidents, student/teacher ratio, teacher qualifications and how taxpayer dollars are spent. Each school in our district receives a school accountability report. Click on the link provided here to view Colorado Dept. of Education School Dashboard Report

School Advisory Committee
An advisory council functions at Wingate Elementary School. The purpose of the School Advisory Council shall be to provide recommendations to the building principal for school improvement planning and implementation and to perform specified tasks relative to the administration of the program of accountability as provided in the Educational Accountability Act. The committee will work independent of building PTO.
The School Advisory Council shall consist of volunteer/elected building staff, parents and community members. The SAC shall strive to have a balance of membership consistent with the school's ethnicity and sex. The principal or designee shall serve as an ex-officio member. This council meets to review and revise the schoool's current Unified Improvement Plan, or UIP.